You should know this, 9 Ways to Download Video from YouTube

1. ClipConverter.

ClipConverter is the site that provides the facility to download from YouTube. In addition to downloading facility, we can also choose the video format to watch. We just enter the URL address of the video will be downloaded and ClipConverter will download it automatically. Audio and visual quality even we can set yourself. In fact we can also download the audio-only if you want to download a particular song.

2. Video DownloadHelper.

For lovers of the Firefox browser, are required to use additional facilities such as add-on Video DownloadHelper. Video DownloadHelper can specifically detect any kind of video is available when we open a particular web page. Not only YouTube, Video DownloadHelper can detect the videos on other sites.

3. Freemake.

If you like attention to the design of a program interface, Freemake have most likely suit you. The design is attractive and relatively easy to use compared to other applications on this list. In addition to downloading video or audio, Freemake can also have Social Login feature to set the privacy of the content to be downloaded.

4. is the most practical program used. We stay open site, or install extensions into the internet browser. In addition, there are various options available video resolutions.

5. Free YouTube Download.

Free YouTube Download can be downloaded at The main facility of this application is able to download the entire contents of an existing playlist on YouTube. We do not need to download one after the video. Practically right!

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