10 Cool Features Old Phones That We May Forget

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Before the bluetooth technology and streaming music as popular now, in advance of features such as infrared or monophonic ringtone tone very existence presence in the mobile-phone sort Nokia 3310 or Siemens A55. Unfortunately, along with the popularity of mobile phones had not the model that features former predicate cool it was gone from smartphones like swallowed by the earth.

If you realize, actually not only two of the coolest features in the feature phone era (the term for a type mobile phone Nokia 3310) that are missing. Many features that once could be considered prima donna, but now sunk alias is lost and not ever again appear in modern mobile phones.

1. Infrared.

Features of this once very popular among aka feature phone models of Nokia phones beginning. This feature used to be widely used for exchanging files. Unfortunately, because their performance can be fairly slow anniversary Infrared also removed from the list of features that carried modern phones. Now the position of the Infrared as connectivity features are replaced with bluetooth or USB feature.

2. Create ringtone with numbers.

Child of the 90s must understand really, if you want to use that cool song again nge-hip as a ringtone then mandatory for first song with a combination of letters and numbers. Yes, before streaming format MP4 and music as popular now then if you want to make a ringtone then need to create a combination of numbers and letters that is normally found in the papers long ago.

Dear heck, now the feature is not longer found in modern phones. Already not present!

3. The physical keyboard.

Also features a physical keyboard so old school phone features are missing today. The development of the concept of touchscreen phone with a physical keyboard makes so not salable. In fact, if in modern cell phones today there are features of a physical keyboard then maybe you do not need to constantly look at the screen and fear typo when typing a message.

4. The screen is monochrome graphics.

Today many modern mobile phones using OLED or LCD screen that makes the user interface so interesting. But before that, the mobile-phone using the legacy format monochrome graphic display that although the old school but safer for vision. Dear heck, now the screen is already not used by modern mobile phones.

5. Radio FM.

Radio FM is a very useful feature first really know! Currently we do not have a YouTube or Spotify, this feature is faithfully accompanied solitude and boredom. Unfortunately, because it is already not a desirable behavior and FM Radio features in Samsung and Apple for example has been deleted. Sad huh?

6. The screen and sliding keyboard.

This one feature has also been rarely found in modern mobile phones today. One of them, as many smartphone users are now familiar with simple design touchscreen smartphone.

7. The body design flip.

In the past, almost all the cool phone that carries the alias flip clamshell body design. Unfortunately, the body design is now rare because many users reported not interested in the design of this model. Yes, many users are now familiar with a box-style body design smartphone or mobile-phone modern.

8. Features trackball.

Before the touch screen as famous now, trackball feature is very popular. Call it the BlackBerry that have been successful with this feature.

Like the mouse, this feature can be scrolled-scroll to move the cursor on the phone interface display. However, due to rapid finally broken trackball feature is also starting to be abandoned by the producer of smartphones. Thus, now the trackball is already can not anymore you find in phones today.

9. Ring back tone.

While waiting for gebetan pick up the phone, usually you will hear a special song instead of sound ‘tut..tut’. Feature called Ring Back Tone, you know this time very popular in the early 2000s. But unfortunately, because it is already not fun anymore then this feature started left. Rather than pay expensive to listen to music while waiting for the phone is picked up, mending money spent to pay for streaming music subscription.

10. Superpower battery.

Sadly not you think if you look at the average battery capabilities of today’s smartphones. Less than half a day usually quickly exhausted. Well, the battery features super tough as batteries in this old school phone is actually very missed. Generally, a day or two would not be charged, the battery will be full. As long as it does not made teleponan 24 hours only with gebetan.

How, you guys do not miss the old features that once existed appear on your phone or feature phone? If we still really miss!

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