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7 Social Media that known by 2000’s boys only

1. Friendster

letsĀ admit, who is not ever play this legendary medsos! Son existed in the 2000s must have an account on Friendster are now only memories.

Friendster is so distinctive that you can know who among their friends is visiting your profile page. In addition, you can also change the background mengonta-as you wish and also add widgets such as music players and of course the animation glitter in the profile view-mu.

2. Myspace

In addition to Friendster, Myspace formerly named medsos also was popular around 2005 to 2008. In a way, this is the old version Myspace Facebook. You see, you can upload anything there.

Starting from the writing style of a blog, upload photos and videos to upload music you can do on Myspace. Uniquely ya, not rarely used first Myspace artist to exhibit his works as demo songs until photographs or depictions of his works.

3. mIRC

Before WhatsApp and LINE as popular now, if you like chatting first medsos must always wear this one. What is unique about this mIRC you as a user is required to use a super random username and impressed that tracks like manja_f4f4.

The interface is simple and function to chat with the column aliases room super much this can make you the first singles surely linger in front of a computer cafe. You see, you can do a lot modusin girl or a boy at a time without ever actually know how such a person you are chatting.

4. Tumblr

Before Twitter dominance, so the choice of young Tumblr early 2000s to ‘nyampah’. Yes, because Tumblr function is very similar to the Twitter microblogging service that allows usersĀ to send multimedia or other content in the form of a short blog.

5. Plurk

Just like Twitter, medsos this one only allows users to send updates or known as Plurk via the web interface, text message or other means with a maximum length of 140 characters. Funnily enough, this update will be displayed on the web page using a timeline.

Users can respond to other users updates from their timeline through its official website, instant messaging or short message. Unfortunately, because it was considered too cumbersome and less popular with Twitter and Facebook Plurk anniversary was abandoned by the user.

6. Yahoo Messenger

Just like mIRC, Yahoo Messenger to become very popular. How not popular, if the first medsos who are also familiar dubbed this YM so the only service messaging chat alias that can display its profile picture and supports emoticons.

In addition, YM also provides mini games you can play when bored waiting for a reply from a friend chat.

7. Foursquare

Before Path booming right now, in advance if you want to be considered to exist with check-in at places to wear cool huh Foursquare. Medsos this one first boom and not very rarely used together with Twitter and Facebook.

Before the role of travel bloggers or food blogger se-hits now, if you want to find a review places on Foursquare hits ya place.

How guys, after reading the above list you so miss the same weight medsos legacy? Fun Where do you think, play medsos legacy sorts and mIRC Friendster or Facebook and Instagram like now?